Heat Shrink Chucks for CNC: precision and high speed

Heat Shrink Chucks for CNC: precision and high speed

CNC pantograph hot shrinking chucks are tool holders designed to allow the operator to have greater control and precision.

The advantages of using a hot shrinking chuck stem from its thermal shrinking technology. The force of heat is used to clamp the tool inside the taper: in this way, the two elements integrate perfectly with each other until they become a single body.

The total cone-tool compactness, guaranteed by thermal clamping, makes ThermoGrip more efficient and more suitable than other spindle types, especially for machining operations that require maximum precision.

In addition to greater production efficiency, the Hot Shrinking Chuck also provides greater safety of use, averting a number of problems that could be encountered by using, for example, a classic spring collet chuck.

In particular, with hot shrinking technology, the risks of run-out, bending and vibration are minimized. In addition, unbalancing and tool wear are also averted, as is electrospindle breakage.

How does thermal shrinkage occur in spindles?

Spindles are essential tools for those working in the hi-tech tool industry. But what technology do they exploit?

Generally, metals tend to expand after heat is applied and contract when they cool. This dimensional response to temperature changes is called thermal expansion.

Thermal shrinkage occurs through a very simple procedure. Let's look at it together:

  • The mandrel is heated by thermal induction until it reaches 475 celsius degrees, which is enough temperature to cause the cone to expand;
  • The tool attachment is inserted inside the dilated cone;
  • Cooling of the tool cone is awaited: the bore of the tool cone, when cold, becomes smaller than the tool attachment.

Once completely cooled, the chuck is fully clamped and ready to be used.


What are the advantages of thermal shrinking?

Heat shrinking is a clamping system that enhances the functionality of the pantograph chuck and brings several advantages in terms of efficiency, performance, and even longevity.

Specifically, hot shrinking can increase tool life by up to 30 percent and optimize feed rate, which can increase up to 15 percent.

In addition, the compact design allows the operator to cut more accurately, have more control over the cut, and better handle machining that requires cutting in tight spaces or deep milling on different materials.

Wirutex hot shrinking chucks: features and models

Wirutex CNC Pantograph Hot Shaping Mandrels can be used with diamond, carbide or steel shank cutters. At the same time, these tools ensure high machining speed, optimal cutting quality and reduced machining-related risks.

For diamond shank cutters, sharpening takes place while the tool is keyed in the spindle.

Wirutex offers Hot Shanking Cutter Chucks with two different types of shanks, HSK63F and ISO30, which are characterized by precision and high performance, providing greater stability and rigidity during use.

Wirutex Cylindrical Shank Milling Chucks adopt the most innovative clamping technologies, guarantee high technical performance and are suitable for a wide variety of production requirements.

In addition to Hot Shrinking Chucks, Wirutex offers Hydraulic Clamping Chucks and Elastic Collet Chucks.

Each with their own technology, these products are a guarantee in terms of precision, cutting quality and tool protection during machining.

Let's get to know them better.

Wirutex hot shrinking chucks: features and models

Hydro Chucks

The Hydraulic chucks for CNC Pantograph uses a hydraulic clamping system that provides a number of important performance/productivity and safety pluses.

Perfectly concentric and balanced, the Hydraulic Clamping Spindle from Wirutex is ideal for use on high-performance CNCs. The extraordinary ease of use allows for extremely fast tool changes, minimizing machine downtime.

In particular, the technology of the Hydraulic Clamping Spindle features:

  • Excellent clamping force;
  • High rigidity and safety;
  • Increased tool durability;
  • High cutting and finishing quality.

In addition, thanks to the hydraulic clamping system, the tool can be prevented from falling off even in the absence of pressurization.

Elastic collet chucks

Characterized by their excellent price-performance ratio, these CNC pantograph spindles are available with either HSK63F or ISO30 attachments.

They are used with ER32 or ER40 elastic collets and do not require any special precautions during assembly.

Wirutex offers spring collet chucks in two different variants: steel and stainless steel. The latter provides greater resistance to oxidation but also to shocks, scratches and chipping.

The range of Wirutex chucks

With its CNC router chucks, Wirutex can meet all production requirements by offering a wide range of quality products: from basic models to those with more advanced technologies which are capable of guaranteeing extremely precise work even at high speeds.

Thanks to these advanced technologies, Wirutex's hot shrinking spindles are able to guarantee extremely precise results even when operating at high speeds, offering reliable, high-performance solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.


By Editorial staff |
30 April, 2024